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Newfoundland Classic Car Insurance

Is your car unique? Is it a classic car? Is it a collector's item? Yes! Then you need more than just your standard auto insurance policy. Think about this: your collectible car may just register as an older vehicle on your current auto policy. Your collectible is viewed as an old vehicle and the Actual Cash Value (ACV considers depreciation factors, such as age) will leave you shorthanded if an accident occurs. You need Newfoundland Classic car insurance.

You have invested your time and money to get your classic car in "mint" condition. So you need to make sure it stays that way. Shouldn't your investment be protected by a tailored insurance solution; one that is designed to look after classic cars.

As a classic car collector, we know you know the name Hagerty, and that's why at Crosbie Job we insure our classic cars with Hagerty.

Rest assured at Crosbie Job, your classic car will be looked after because our insurance products are based on Strength and Experience.

Customized Service

Just like your customized vehicle, our service is customized. We will tailor an insurance solution that is unique to you. Whether its your car's value, the mileage you drive each year, etc it can be tailored to you. You might be a driver that goes to all the shows or you may only drive a limited distance - pay for what you need.

When you insure your Newfoundland classic car on its own policy, the low cost and the numerous collector features that can be added to your classic cars policy will surprise you. You can select from a range of options that ensure maximum protection at a price that suits your budget. These include benefits like:

  • Choosing the right deductible, that's right for you
  • Get Discounts for Multiple vehicles,
  • Year-round coverage, and
  • Automatic protection on newly acquired vehicles
  • Agreed value
  • Selecting the repair shop that deals with your classic auto

Get your Classic Car Insurance Today

Newfoundland Classic car insurance is available to anyone who needs to insure a car that is worth more than will be covered by a standard car insurance policy.

Will we protect your classic vehicle? Absolutely! Will we tailor an insurance policy to you? Without a doubt! You can put your mind at ease because at Crosbie Job, We've Got You Covered!!!

Fill out our Protection Quote Form to get started. We will get in touch with you to show you the features you need at a very reasonable price.