Western Newfoundland Auto Insurance

Western Newfoundland is anything but small. Stretching from the gateway ferry port of Port Aux Basque, to the marvelous meadows and everywhere in between, Crosbie Job Insurance has every mile covered with our affordable car and auto insurance options. 

Understanding Your Insurance

Do you know exactly what you’re covered for on the roads? The experienced team at Crosbie Job Insurance will walk you through your current policy, whether it’s with us or another insurance company. You see, if other Western Newfoundland residents have the coverage they need, it results in safer roads for all our customers. Our team will simply analyze your current policy, with no strings attached. Helping you get the coverage you need, at an affordable price. 

It’s not always easy getting your head round the difference between collision and comprehensive, or understanding liability, and how it can have an affect on your level of cover, but that’s what our team are for! Eloise Barry, in our Corner Brook Office will be happy to discuss any questions you may have, and review your current insurance paperwork for you. With nothing to lose, why not give the Crosbie Job team a call to schedule a time convenient for you? 

Our team can also help you to decide what coverage you actually need by looking through your Protection Quote Form and combining it with your Newfoundland lifestyle. Yes, it’s as simple as that. Answer a few questions about your auto insurance needs and our dedicated team will do the rest.

A Policy Designed To Adapt

At Crosbie Job Insurance, we are your Western Newfoundland Auto Insurance Experts. Eloise Barry, in our Corner Brook Office, is just one of our many local experts across the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Our expert insurance brokers are just waiting for a challenge and their aim is to offer you the best coverage for the best price, all whilst ensuring your policy is designed to suit your lifestyle and needs out on the road. Whether you drive for work, to travel and getaway or for leisure, we’ll design a tailored car insurance policy to suit you. 

Accidents Can Happen - Make Sure You’re Covered

700 kilometres of road separates the two ends of Western Newfoundland - leaving plenty of room for accidents. Even the finest drivers are bound to witness or be involved in a motor accident on the the road at some point in their driving careers, with so many hours spent in the car, it’s almost inevitable. But, with a personalized policy, you’ll be ready for anything.

Plus, if your routine changes, or your family grows, Crosbie Job Insurance brokers will focus your policy on what matters to you most.

Don't Delay. Apply now!

If you have an auto insurance queries or are looking for an insurance quote from a trusted broker, simply call Crosbie Job's Corner Brook Office @ 709-634-7310. Over the year’s Crosbie Job Insurance have realised that we can serve you better with a local tailored approach, and since we’ve been protecting the residents and businesses of Newfoundland & Labrador since 1984, we know just what car insurance you need.

Don't delay, fill out one of our easy Protection Quote Forms now and let our professionals at Crosbie Job forge a protective policy with your name on it.