For the Purposes of Our Contest.  Testimonials are not necessarily entered in order that they were received

Simon B. - The level and quality of customer service we have received from Crosbie Job is second to none. After a serious car accident 2 Christmases ago, we were walked through the claims process step by step and at no time were left wondering or feeling vulnerable. Can't thank you enough for the peace of mind you gave us during an already stressful part of the year!!!

Jason C.- Crosbie Job insurance was the only insurance company I could find that would insure my mini home and for a good price. Very easy to deal with.

Jessica L. - Been with crosbie for years! Best deal friendly and quick!! Love it!

Susan PI have been with crosbie now for 12 years and I love them. Great customer service. If I call and leave a message it is always returned. Thank you for the great service.

Robert H. - Great insurance rates

Chris D - I have been a client of yours for a long time. I think this is a fantastic idea. especially for claims and policy changes. I also found that this website is very user friendly. Everything is right in front of you. you don't have to go searching for anything. Way to Crosbie Job. Awesome job.

Shawn H. - My family has been with Crosbie Job Insurance for years. Our agents really care about our insurance needs, and is as individuals and a family. 

Quentin O. - This been a great company to deal with I hope this new web site works out great for you.

Trevor W - As always a pleasure to deal with and now with the online office and my schedule I can't ask my questions any time which is really Great! Keep up the good work

Barbara P. - just a quick note to say thanks for putting me on to Dianne regarding our homeowners insurance. She's been a gem to deal with and I'm delighted that we finally have the right coverage in place. We were terribly under-insured before and I'm just thankful that we didn't have a claim during that time. Anyway, you have a great employee in Dianne

Tracy M - I have had my motorcycle insured here for about 7 years now and the service has been great. 

Angela P. - Great ins coverage and great service 

Jerry C. - same as Family. Always there to help at any moment.

Dave R.Have used crosbiejob for many years. Am looking forward to using this new site to its full potential.

Daphne C. I can't imagine having another insurance company. I have no reason to even thinking about switching!

Krista M. - excellent service

Genevieve C. - Our time with your firm is a testament to our satisfaction.

Dennis B. - I love crosbie job. Have been with this insurance company for over 10 years. Great rates, friendly service!

Jennifer S. - I purchased my first home 7 years ago. I shopped around and found that the rates with Crosbie Job were the lowest in the city. I knew very little about insurance policies and Joan was amazing. She took the time to review and explain every option with me ensuring that I was making the best decisions for protecting me and my son.
Fast and Friendly service from knowledgeable staff, exactly what I expect from an insurance company!

Justin P. - The site looks great. Very helpful.

Nick W. -  Great company to deal with. Great staff working diligently on your behalf !

Cheryl B. - I've been with crosbie job for many years.. Great prices, great staff .

John R. - Best service ever! They give solid, honest advice and great prices. With their excellent service, why go anywhere else?

Evan G. - This is a wonderful website and a great insurance company to be with!

Chris R. - Crosbie Job has been my broker of choice since I moved my business to Newfoundland. Great service and competitive rates!

Mary B. - Great service!!!!

Lawrence M. - Great customer service and reasonable prices!

Majorie T. - a great company to deal with

Stephen H. - We have been with Crosbie Job for our home and auto insurance since 1998,and would highly recommend and have done so to family and friends 

Eric F. - Amazing. Well put together. Easy access, very user friendly. State of the art technology.

Kevin R. - has been with this company now for a lot of years and i have found them to be very easy going .. great customer service and very rate competitive 

James W. - crosbie job is number one

Samantha W.  - I've had nothing but positive experiences dealing with Crosbie Job. Always seems to put the client first.

Dan M. - The team at Crosbie Job insurance found me the best rate and coverage for my recreational vehicles.

Tanya H. - Great job with the new site! Crosbie Job Insurance has always been there for me, my family, and our needs as customers. Thanks for the insurance and assurance! 

Holly F. - I am very satisfied with the service from Crosbie Job. They are always there to help.

Barrie H. - I enjoy the quick care and family like treatment I receive whenever I have a question or issue. Thank you Crosbie!

Beverly E. - Great staff & service!!

Gerald W. - I have been with Crosbie Job for 5 years now. I have run into some issues with my house but they have there with me all the way. Thanks for your help folks!

Carl A. - great service for my house ins.

Nona B. - I switched to crosbie job because they have the lowest rates for car insurance and excellent service.

Karen T.  -  I have been dealing with Crosbie Job Insurance for a number of years now and they have been great in providing me with the best coverage and the best price. They are always there to answer any questions I have and the staff are very friendly. When you talk to them it is like you have known them forever. Thank you Crosbie Job for everything you have done and continue to do for me.

Robert S. - Looks sharp and easy to navigate... good luck !

Janine I. - Your site appears to be very well laid out and user-friendly. Good move.

Randy P. - Excellent web site, going to be very convenient.

Satria K. - Website looks great, and informative as well!

Lynn Y. - Great site. Pleasure to do business with

Ronald B. - Been with CJ over 20 years.  Its all good

Kaitlin H. - I am with Crosbie Job Insurance now 3 years and I find them great!

Juanita R. - I  have been with crosbie job for a few years now. their service is excellent. 

Cory J. - Awesome job really easy to use and great info at your fingertips great idea very pleased with this keep up the great work

Chris J. - Happy with service, staff great to deal with. Reid Bartlett great agent works hard for me.

Bernard D.  - Awesome affordable insurance

Douglas M. - It appears to be a very professional app with all the bases covered. 

Walter S. - Great idea. I've been a customer for longer than I can remember and have received excellent service over the years.

Jeanette M. - The service I've received has been great and I'll continue my service with Crosbie Job:) Any questions I've had has always been answered

Peggy M. - When i moved back home from alberta i got the best quote from here. I've had nothing but good to say with the service. The employee's have always been so friendly anytime I'm there. That's makes a huge impact on a person's day to be treated like that.When i moved back home from alberta i got the best quote from here. I've had nothing but good to say with the service. The employee's have always been so friendly anytime I'm there. That's makes a huge impact on a person's day to be treated like that.

Dennis C. - This is great !

Arthur P. - Solid coverage, excellent staff and easily contacted.

Linda F. - so excited to visit this new site..looking forward to using it

Ella G. - I always receive excellent service. Thank you. 

Wayne B. - I have been with this company for a number of years and find them great to deal with. 

Terri H. - I've had the pleasure of being a client with Crosbie Job Insurance for 8 years. I have received nothing but the best service from this company, and only expect better things from having them go online! I look forward to being a customer for many years to come! 

Bryan G. - Looks like it has everything I need. I'm sure it will be a pleasure to use your new site.

Lori M. - We have had great service from your staff especially from Lorraine Granter. Keep it up happy to be part of Crosbie Job.

Pleman C. - Great site. Easy access. I will surely be using these services. Thank you. Pleman

Sharon J. - Good service

Graham C - Great new service

Adrienne M. - Fair rates, friendly staff, all around good experiences through Crosbie Job Insurance over the years! Plus incentives too :) Give them a call I'm sure they will be more than willing to assist you in finding the right types of insurance to suit your personal & business needs! 

Anthony B. - This is excellent, everything at your finger tips and don't even have to venture out in the cold weather this time of year. Glad we chose Crosbie as our broker.

Gordon C. - I'm really pleased with your company. 

Scott H. - Great company. Been with you guys for years!

Terrence W. - been with this ins company for 20 years. Amazing 

Newman M. - like this service

Deborah S. - I have been a customer of Crosbie Job for the last 5 years. As a B&B owner it was difficult finding a company to suit my needs. I was referred to them by a friend that also owns properties. Their rates were the most reasonable. I will continue to be a customer and have recommended them to other business owners. From my past experience , I have found Crosbie Job very efficient and reliable.
Thanks Deborah

Judy P. - I have been with this company a long time and feel this will be a great help. Thanks

Karen A. - I reviewed the new site and it Is very detailed and informative. I have been a Crosbie Job client for any years for both our home and auto insurance but wasn't aware that there was separate "ATV and Snowmobile" coverage available. My husband's toys are currently under our Auto policy. 

Darren E. - Great company and our broker have gone above and beyond for to get the best deal for my family

Darren L. - It look really professional and user friendly. i Will be thinking about insuring a motorcycle and atv with you this summer and Will use your site for a quote. excellent work.

Audrey T. - Wonderful site..easy to navigate and one of the best Insurance companies around. Crosbie Job got me the Insurance I needed whan other companies turned me down. Thank you Crosbie Job

Chrystal N. - Crosbie Job was so helpful being an out of province landlord I had a very hard time getting insurance for my home. Crosbie Job made it so easy.

Michael H. - Love the service, and friendly staff!

Leona G  - Great site. Congratulations to all. I'll be sure to visit when I have questions or comments. 

Collette G. - I have been with crosbie job for 10 plus years and they are the best insurance company I have ever been with.

Linda G. - We switched to your Ins. Co. 2 yrs. ago & have all good things to say.

David W. - I had great service and quotes with you guys. And would recommend 

Derm W. - Easy to follow and use. Great time saver for staff and customers.

Herbert T - Great service!!!!

Mark L. - I have been with Crosbie Job INS. for over 15 years ,you are the best Insurance Company,I was ever with. 

Susan C. - Love the new page! Great idea that we can get quotes online, whenever needed.

Fabian H. - Crosbie came through for me when I had no where else to turn.

William K. - I recently went to every insurance company for a vehicle insurance quote. Crosbie Job blew all other companies out of the water, and made the transition quick and easy. My business is here and will stay here.

Sarah S. - Great coverage for cheep rates. Quick reliable serves as soon as I need it.

Randy P . - Had good service for the last 15 years. 

Roma H - I have been with Crosbie Job for years and they have been great! This is the best company I have been with and plan on staying with for my insurance!

Anthony D. - have been buying insurance from Crosbie Job for a long time. Great service

Doris P. -  Excellent service ,great rates

Robert M. - I have been with Crosbie Job so long, I can't remember being with any other company.

Lisa D. - Been with crosbie job for several years..always there to help with any questions i have.

Joseph F. -  Looks Good.

Roger M. - Glad to see your new website. It is full of information and is very user friendly. Will be using it.

Joy B. - Wow,this is a great site.Hope to keep doing business with you in the future.

Joseph E.crosbie job is a great company that got me a rate that i could afford so i could finally get the motorcycle back out on the road. New website is a great clean job. Keep up the good work

Kim H.  - Great website. Wealth of information. I have been a client for years and so much i didn't know. This site even worked great on my phone. 

Jason M.  Friendly, fast company. Great to deal with. Thanks for all the help!!

Brianna M.Sweet, no more trips to town for a few questions. All here on one website 

Juantia T. - Web page looks awesome 

Edward S . - Site looks good easy to navigate. good job

Bob H.Excellent site, the customer portal section is a great addition.

Eugene B.Great job on the new site. Have a great day!

Sean K. -  Like the site. Uncomplicated. Easy to go straight to what I want .

Lloyd M. -  Great Idea

Kelly M. - This site is quite good. Very inviting and being able to get a quote on line is excellent. Insurance is a very stressful thing this site seems to ease it a bit.

Greg O. - Thanks for the follow up service each year. 

Frank A. - great site. Convienent

Donald P.  - Great Idea - I will use this site Often

Bernard M. - This will make business that much easier. Thanks. 

Phil K. - Great Site -- Extremely Convenient !

Elizabeth M. - New Website Looks good.

Tracy H. - Very Informative!

Kayla B. - Great there is 24/7 access.

Fergus F. - glad to see this new website

Philip P. - Lovely website...will answer many day to day questions people have in mind.

Gary B. - This is great. I can now get a quote online at my time. I will diffidently take a look at this as my insurance is up in July. 

Wayne U. - I think that you are on the right track that will make it a lot easier to do our business online.

Jeffery W. - Looks good and convenient.

Linda D. - I like Crosby Job, agents are always there for u

Anne Marie O. - We have had insurance with Crosbie Job for over a decade. While we have never had to make a claim, they have always been great to deal with in answering any questions or explaining our coverage.

Lorraine O' - This is a great site - I travel lots & now I have an arms length connection to my insurance info & policy information for car rentals, etc.

Edward D. - Pretty website

Kirk S. - Have been with crosbie-job for 10+ years. Excellent service and so glad to see they have now gone with online service. 

Joel M. - Great job so far!!!

Keith C. - Nice looking site, laid out well for sure.

Tiffany B. - Looks great and it's super easy to use. 

Jason B. - My wife and I, have been with crosbiejob for almost 10 years or longer! They blew us away with our quote when we sat down with Fred crosbie jr all those years ago! Great job guys and keep up the good work! 

Viktor J. - New website looks good.

Jeff M - Great site, excellent company keep up the good work

Ralph P.  - Sounds like a great idea! I will be using this service from now on

Mary R. - I'm with this insurance broker for years I would not go any were else a good company and beautiful people always there for you

Fabian P . - great website!!

Olajide O. - Very good idea! Looks nice and very easy to use.

Ben F. - I have been with Crosby Insurance for over 12 years and find the service to be very friendly, timely and without the long wait times. 

Cynthia M. - We use Crosbie Job Insurance at our office and have had great service with them. All questions and concerns are always answered promptly.

Elizabeth K. - A great change for your company. It's user friendly and makes me feel good that my insurance company is keeping up with the times.

Neil C. - Great news, especially for us out-of-towners.

Cynthia B. - I have had an insurance policy with Crosbie Job for a number of years now. They have always been there to help me and help me choose the right coverage. I would recommend their services to everyone! 

Mary E. - This is one of the better sites I've used for quick access to needed information. the site is attractive and very easy to maneuver. The changing photos are great, but it would be nice to take a more multi-cultural and diverse ages approach to the human images portrayed. Congratulations on a job well done!

Darlene M. - This is great! Easy access and lots of information. 

Alma K. - Looks great, something I will definitely use.

Jon P. - Crosbie Job has treated me very well for the last 10 years, offering me great insurance and service at a great price. The staff are always available when needed and very easy to work with. I would recommend them in a heartbeat.

Susan D. - Great Insurance!!!

Colleen B. - great site. easy access to your insurance needs. will definitely be using it! 

Daniel S. - Love crosbie job been with them over 20 years. Always friendly and helpful staff to help me with my questions.

Tyler B. - I have been with Crosbie Job Insurance for a number of years. You cannot beat the service, the protection, and the welcoming environment. Congratulations Crosbie Job on your success and your new online service!   Happy 2016!

William H. - Reliable Service.

Andrew F. - Your new DIO is a great idea. A fast and convenient way for me to get the information I need. I will be using it in the future.

Michelle F. - The easiest insurance company I have ever dealt with . Our broker Is very accessible & goes above & beyond for us his clients .

Greg W. - Best people to deal with. I have auto insurance and every time I get a new vehicle there so easy to deal with.

Blair O'B have been with Crosby Job for many years. This adds to your already great service. Keep up the good work

Carmelita T.-  We have been insured with Crosbie Job for decades. We have always received top notch service. 

Gilbert B. - Have been a client for many years- good company and good service.

Rick H. - I enjoy having my insurance with crosbie job, I find I get quick help when I need it and in a professional manner. I think this new step is a good one for customers.

Crystal H.Great page guys! With many people looking online these days this page should be a great help. 

Janessa C. - Crosbie Job has one of the best services I have had the pleasure to deal with. The service is quick and everyone is there to help. This new added service, with access at home makes it that much better! Great job! 

Trevor S. - No one could get us a better rate than Crosbie Job!

Keith C. - Great site. I will use.

Marilyn P. - great site, I look forward to being able to access this site when I need more insurance.

Linda J. - I have been with Crosbie Job now for 13 years and I have to admit their services are great. Hassle free when it comes to claims and very helpful. The rates are the best. At my place of work they have a special discount on home and auto insurance for employees and I checked it out just to see what discount they were offering and they were about $350 more than what I'm paying now. Thanks Crosbie Job for being my insurance provider.

Carol Ann Y. - Awesome web site!  Very informative easy to navigate. You have all the bases cover, great job.