Newfoundland Small Business Insurance

Not only is Small Business is the driving force of the Canadian economy, it is the Engine that drives Newfoundland.  Hard working entrepreneurs like you were the founders of the Newfoundland economy. Your business is your livelihood, so it is important to protect it. That's why, it is of the utmost importance to have the right kind of Insurance. It is all about risk management and you need to be sure that you are covered.

Your building, computers, files, furniture, stock, and/or inventory are all key components of your business. As a prudent business owner you want to make sure you are protected against the potentially devastating effects of their loss. A great Newfoundland Small Business Insurance policy will go a long way to mitigating your exposure to such a loss.  As a Small Business Insurance Expert Crosbie Job will help you identify risk, perhaps some that you may have never considered.

As noted above, Small Business Insurance does more than just protect your buildings. It's often the other pieces that are most important to your business. At Crosbie Job one of our professional commercial brokers will ensure that you get the best small business insurance solution. We've Got You Covered!!!

Package Policies vs Custom Insurance

Small Business can encompass a variety of business types. Are you a Convenience Store Owner, A Contractor, A Retailer, A Local Fish & Chips Takeout (just to name a few) or  even operating a business out of your home? You can be sure that we can get the right insurance for you.  In many cases insurers have package policies that have a lot frills bundled to make sure you are covered, but that does not mean you can't get a tailored policy to suit your needs.  Often the solution lies somewhere in the middle.

Recognizing that many businesses face the same exposures, a number of insurers have developed Commercial Package Policies to cover your business. These policies bundle your most important coverage into a comprehensive package. Quite often it is the small business that can take advantage of a well-constructed package. Coverage in a comprehensive package could include:

When buying a small business insurance package policy it is important to review with one of our brokers, your limits to make sure you have sufficient coverage.

It is not only larger businesses that need a unique commercial insurance policy. If your business deals with a particular niche or may be even something funky, you will likely need to buy a custom small business insurance policy that is tailored to your unique exposures.We can do that for you.  We've Got You Covered.

Key Coverages

Small Business Insurance can seem likes it complex, and that is why you need a Commercial Insurance Broker from Crosbie Job.  It is our job to help you understand.  It is very difficult define a "standard" commercial insurance policy. There are too many variables to consider. However, some of the key coverages are:

  • Commercial General Liability (CGL)
  • Hazard/Peril insurance
  • Fire insurance
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Contents (Fixtures, equipment & machinery)
  • Stock/Inventory

Realizing that no two business are exactly alike you can also consider adding the following common coverage options:

  • Higher CGL Limits
  • Contents owned by others
  • Loss of income
  • Additional buildings such as warehouses and storage structures
  • Cyber insurance

You should talk to one of our experienced insurance professionals at Crosbie Job. We will help you identify what your business exposures are. From there you can decide which of these options and/or additional coverages are needed. You can to sleep easy knowing we are on the job.

Experienced Professionals

Crosbie Job has been providing the businesses of Newfoundland with the most current and comprehensive small business insurance policies since 1984. We know our province and the unique challenges it presents in regards to your business. We offer insurance based on Strength and Experience, so we will tailor an insurance solution for you.

Don't be left wondering if you have the right coverage. Simply fill out the protection Quote Form and one of our professional brokers will contact you to review your commercial property insurance requirements.