Here’s How To Ensure Your Belongings Are Protected When Travelling For the Holidays

12/16/2019 2:08 PM

Planning trips require meticulous detail, from planning the budget to booking the hotel accommodations and packing! In between all of the hustle and bustle during the holidays, planning a trip can certainly put even more of a strain on you. With all that’s on your mind, it’s crucial not to forget about just how important it is to protect your belongings on your journey.


Before you catch that plane or hit the road, check out Crosbie Job Insurance’s tips on how to protect your stuff while travelling away from home.

Ensure Those Items Are Insured

Many people seem to skip over this important policy, which is the last thing you should do! Crosbie Job Insurance’s home insurance policy protects our client’s home and contents during and anytime they leave the property to ensure they’re always taken care of. Anytime you leave your home and travel with your important belongings uninsured, you’re taking a huge risk in falling victim to theft or your items becoming damaged.


Our Protection Savings Quote form can provide you with efficient home insurance you can rely on! Before you leave on your journey, ensure you do the following:

●     Double Check: Check over your list and ensure everything you’ve packed is covered by your insurance policy ahead of time.

●     Keep a List: Keep a detailed list of all of the items you’ve packed and have with you, including the price of items and make, as well as any receipts.

Invest In Theft-Proof Packing Gear

Whether you’re travelling within the country or abroad, purchasing safe, theft-free gear can provide an extra layer of protection for your important items. Consider purchasing the following for your trip:

●     TSA-Approved Suitcase: A TSA-approved suitcase has specific locks that can only be unlocked by you or airport security with a universal key.

●     Money Pouch: A money bag or pouch that has RFID protection protects both tangible cash and your credit car passport and other valuable items from being taken wirelessly.

●     Secure Backpacks: Backpacks that have additional locks, several internal compartments and pockets which fasten completely shut can make it far more difficult for thieves to get into.

Protect Your Digital Devices As Well

Identity theft is often forgotten about but is happening at an increasing rate across the globe. Travellers are especially vulnerable, which is why it’s imperative to their safety to have strong passwords and lock codes installed on their devices at all times to protect their personal accounts and information.


Crosbie Job Insurance is your home insurance provider in Newfoundland for the best coverage and rates and effective protection. When you insure with us, we’ll work with several different insurers to find the most suitable and best for your situation. Don’t allow your home and valuables to be vulnerable to theft or damage when you get to be covered by Crosbie Job Insurance. Get in touch with one of our professionals today for the most personalized service at!


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