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Purchasing a home is certainly not a straightforward, easily-manageable decision. One of the most important components of the home buying process is selecting the right home insurance. You’re buying one of the largest investments in your lifetime and it’s important to choose an insurance policy that is suitable for you. Crosbie Job Insurance is here to help make this process swift and easier to navigate. Check out our guide on how to choose the best homeowner’s insurance for you.

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Having a home insurance plan is crucial to ensure your home and important belongings are protected in the event of damage or theft. Home renovations may not be a necessity for all homeowners but could be a sensible investment for homeowners that want to update or completely restore their property. You may not need to update your home insurance policy for minor renovations such as changing the bathroom cabinets, however, for larger renovation projects, it’s important to look into your home insurance policy and whether your project could void it.

Home insurance policies have what’s known as a “material change” which applies to a change to the risk that is material and with the insured homeowner’s knowledge. To avoid the stress of worrying about voiding your home insurance, check out what not to do below.

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Planning trips require meticulous detail, from planning the budget to booking the hotel accommodations and packing! In between all of the hustle and bustle during the holidays, planning a trip can certainly put even more of a strain on you. With all that’s on your mind, it’s crucial not to forget about just how important it is to protect your belongings on your journey.   Before you catch that plane or hit the road, check out Crosbie Job Insurance’s tips on how to protect your stuff while travelling away from home. Ensure Those Items Are Insured Many people seem to skip over this important policy, which is the last thing you should do! Crosbie Job Insurance’s home insurance policy protects our client’s home and contents during and anytime they leave the property to ensure they’re always taken care of. Anytime you leave your home and travel with your important belongings uninsured, you’re taking a huge risk in falling victim to theft or your items becoming da ...
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There was once a point in time where self-driving cars were only conceivable in the latest sci-fi or your favourite cartoon. However, with the technological revolution and our continuous efforts to achieve the impossible, self-driving cars are now very much a reality. These vehicles are already leading dramatic changes in the industrial industry, as well as many other industries. The Ontario government has allowed manufacturers to test these vehicles on the road, which means they’ll be available for purchase in the near future.

 How exactly will self-driving vehicles affect the insurance industry and its customers? Crosbie Job Insurance breaks down everything you need to know.

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One of the most common questions people ask after they’ve been in an accident is whether or not they have to pay the deductible if they were not at fault. It’s hard to answer with a simple yes or no because every situation is unique, so it would depend on a few factors surrounding the accident and the insurance that you have. Every province has different rules that apply to the insurance companies that operate within it, but generally, if your insurance policy has a $0 deductible, then you won’t have to pay a deductible if you’re not at fault for the accident. This means that if another driver were to rear end you and your insurer determines that you were not at fault, they would cover the damage that occurred to your vehicle based on your policy which includes a specific section outlining this. If your deductible is $0 then there will be no deductible for you to pay. Of course, there are always exceptions which is why the answer is not so simple. The other vehicle involved must be ...
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Your backyard is a perfect location to host an intimate wedding ceremony between close family and friends. With every wedding, the to-do-list can be overwhelming, from seating arrangements to choosing the food and drinks to be served. Another factor that should be on your list and can’t be overlooked is insurance. Believe it or not, your property is a liability, from having guests dancing on your lawn, to vendors hauling equipment across it. It’s one of the most important factors to consider for a backyard wedding, even if it’s not the most exciting.

Check out Crosbie Job Insurance’s guide to understanding why you need insurance for your backyard wedding:

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  The purpose of home insurance is to have peace of mind knowing you have protection for your physical home as well as the contents in it. When an emergency occurs, home insurance is meant to help you through a difficult time and offer coverage for your belongings. When you need it most, your home insurance is meant to protect your home and the things within it.  As with any type of insurance coverage, it is always best to find out in great detail what exactly your policy covers so that there are no surprises when the time comes to make a claim. The majority of items in a home are normally covered through home insurance, but there can be things that are excluded. It is very important to go through the information before agreeing to it so that you know where your home and your belongings stand should an emergency ever occur. This way, if you see an item that is not covered by your home insurance, you can discuss it with your broker and get the protection that you require before it’s too ...
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There’s a common belief that as long as the landlord has insurance, the renter is covered as well. That, unfortunately, is not the case. If there is damage to a building you’re renting, the landlord’s insurance most likely covers the walls surrounding you and major appliances, but will not cover your own, personal belongings. That’s why many choose to get tenant insurance, as it is important to ensure that if anything damages your belongings, you have the right amount of coverage in place.

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Summer ... Yes By!  It is summer and with summer comes swimming season.   With swimming comes the need to be vigilant and keep an eye.  Enjoy the heat and the pool but consider these 11 Tips for Pool Safety  

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