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Imagine that you have just invested in a new set of wheels.  You bring your brand new car home beaming with pride and decide to go out and show it off. As you back out of the driveway smiling ear to ear, whack - you back into the car parked across the street.

It happens even to the best of drivers, but that is why we buy automobile insurance. Just ask Dorothy Newman, our Clarenville auto insurance specialist. She can certainly relate, having been involved in an accident of her own.  

As a life long resident of the area with more than 30 years of experience, Dorothy understands that drivers in Clarenville have very different needs than those in Corner Brook or St. John's. When you speak to Dorothy, she'll provide you with a convenient, comprehensive consultation and help you get the coverage you need - and none that you don't.

Coverage Tailored to Clarenville Drivers

The truth is, every driver is different. The risks and benefits of driving in Eastern Newfoundland are not all the same as those in other parts of the province. Unfortunately, most insurance companies still try to push a one-size-fits-all policy.

When you speak to Dorothy and her team, she will walk you through simple considerations that can have a huge effect on the value you get for your Clarenville auto insurance, such as:

  • Learning the intricacies of liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage
  • Recognizing unnecessary expenses in your current auto policy
  • Setting up protection from things like law suits or uninsured drivers
  • Bundling services to save money on one or more policies

Even if you decide to keep your current coverage or look elsewhere for insurance, we guarantee that after speaking with Dorothy's team, you'll emerge more confident about buying car insurance in Clarenville.

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Insurance Based on Strength and Experience

With more than 150 years of protecting drivers and families under our belts, Crosbie Job has become one of the most trusted insurance providers in Newfoundland & Labrador. We pride ourselves on becoming part of the communities across the province, and Clarenville has become one of our favorite homes.

Bottom line: pushing a policy is easy, protecting people properly is not. Our success comes from helping drivers get the right coverage to keep them, their families, and their property safe - without overpaying.

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